Construction Supply and Development Services


From humble merchandise to building beautiful dreams, we craft with passion. With unwavering dedication, we aspire to be the industry's best, shaping a future where excellence knows no bounds.

Our Services

We Estimate

Customized estimates. Transparent pricing. Trust our expertise for accurate cost evaluations that align with your budget and vision.

We Design

Unleash your imagination. With our design expertise, we bring your visions to life, crafting captivating and innovative solutions.

We Fabricate

Precision fabrications realized. Trust our skilled craftsmanship to bring your ideas to reality with meticulous attention to detail and quality.

We Construct

Building dreams, shaping reality. With expertise and dedication, we construct exceptional structures that stand the test of time.

Other Services We Offer

Equipment Rental

Enhance your projects with our convenient equipment rentals. From specialized tools to heavy machinery, we offer reliable solutions to support your endeavors.

Construction Supply

Unlock the resources for your construction needs. We provide a wide range of reliable construction supplies, ensuring you have the materials necessary to bring your projects to life.

Aggregates Supply

Build with confidence. Our aggregates supply services deliver high-quality materials to meet your construction demands, providing a solid foundation for your projects.

About Us

JJ & EE Construction Supply and Development Services sprouts from a company named Aurita General Merchandise that supplied various construction and housing materials and aggregates to both individuals and companies for residential, commercial and industrial needs, ensuring quality at its best.

Progressive years passed, the company grew larger and started to cater greater number of consumers including big construction companies. The owners then changed the name of the company to Emlyn Housing Supply.

In 2015, the company expanded its stock area due to new consumers’ needs of larger volume and finer material. The company also widened its scope by adding fabricated refinery to meet the requirements of the new power plant consumer, Cebu Energy Development Corporation.

After a few years of experience in supplying raw and/or construction materials, the company has finally ventured in the construction industry while also catering the needs of other construction companies. The company’s name has, then, been changed to JJ & EE Construction Supply and Development Services.

With devoted, skilled and experienced employees, the company is slowly making its pace by delivering project that meet deadlines and valued clients’ expectations and budget. Even before, the company takes pride in quality workmanship, quality people and quality materials. Utilizing the equipment, the employees are able to do their job effectively and efficiently.

JJ & EE Construction Supply and Development Services continues improving and developing every room possible while performing the job based on strong commitment to Safety, Economy, Quality and Performance.

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